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Photo by Ali. V

This little site has gotten quite a bit of traffic lately (and emails from some of you wondering WTF happened to our guides) but I regret to inform you that around the same time we launched this site, turned into my full-time gig and our travel guides got put on the back burner. Which is a little embarrassing considering each guide is in draft form, patiently awaiting a few minor edits before we release them into the wilds of the internet. Maybe one day we’ll get around to it. Who knows, we’re lazy.

In the mean time, you can peep travel posts over on OLC. Soon I’ll be posting about our time in Sweden and Denmark, and later this year there will be guides documenting our trips to Bolivia, Peru, and India. And in case you were wondering about that photo up there: after 7 1/2 years, Thom finally made an honest woman out of me. In Ireland. Surrounded by 35 of our favorite people. It was truly the happiest and most epic day of our lives.

Until next time. Eat well, travel often.


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